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Január szavakban

Nagyon szeretem az új kezdetek gondolatát, ezért is szeretem az új évet, az új hónapokat, heteket, napokat, reggeleket. Persze ez nem azt jelenti, hogy nem élek a jelenben, igazából nem tulajdonítok akkora jelentőséget nekik, csak egyszerűen szeretem az új gondolatát: mindig csupa lehetőséget látok bennük. A január (és ezzel együtt a 2016-os év) egyébként sem… Continue reading Január szavakban

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The importance of failure

The importance of failure is crucial in my life. If there wasn't a failure, some kind of bad experience, a big decision and the change that comes along with it, probably this blog wouldn't even exist. Or if it would (the thought of it always excited me), I'm sure I wouldn't be so passionate and… Continue reading The importance of failure

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The harm in waiting

People say good things are worth the wait. But what if the actual waiting makes us bitter, makes it hard to enjoy the object of our constant waiting when it finally arrives? Because you feel that it's somehow too late. I'm not saying that things has a precise delimited time, when they are ought to… Continue reading The harm in waiting

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Have you ever felt like you're not in the right place? Not where you belong? Or, let's put it like this: you're in the right place - or at least not in a wrong one -, but you could be somewhere-so-much-better-else?  Where everything is inspiring. Where are much more possibilities. Where people are more open.… Continue reading Wanderlust

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2016 – the greatness in smallness

The thing that's been on my mind lately is the method of achieving goals, making plans happen the most efficiently and enjoyably. Because I had to realize that I was doing it all so wrong. First of all, I set goals that were too high (extremely high as I come to realize it) and what… Continue reading 2016 – the greatness in smallness

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♥ Have a very merry full-hearted Christmas ♥

There are certain times that are surrounded by some kind of magical aura - these are the times when we tend to think a little bit more about all the important and not-so-important factors in our lives, we reasses and relive our experiences, feelings: a little bit more intensively than usual. Feels familiar, right? Christmas,… Continue reading ♥ Have a very merry full-hearted Christmas ♥

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The true one

The way I used to think about relationships has changed radically lately. Formerly, all my friends kept on telling me that my expectations towards men were too high. And I always laughed at them, saying they are not right. But recently I have realized that to some extent they really were right. Precisely until now.… Continue reading The true one